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I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder.  The lesson was so indelibly burnt into me that a large part of my time during the twenty years of my practice as a lawyer was occupied in bringing about private compromises of hundreds of cases.  I lost nothing thereby — not even money, certainly not my soul”  Mohandas K. Gandhi, 1957

These words were truly inspirational in my career

Looking back, as a Law Practitioner in India and then on Appointment as a Legal consultant, with a reputed Law firm in Dubai…I think it was those resonating words that persuaded me to take up further Challenges beyond the Legal Spectrum

A  Business Management Consultancy firm, conceived in 2009 as a single point of assistance for Corporate Advice & Business Management solutions, is Lawyerpoint. Based out of Dubai and with a presence in the major cities of India, our goal has simply been to help clients with workable Business management solutions. We have achieved this successfully even in challenging conditions, such as the present economic downturn by thoroughly understanding the need of our clients and then offering advice that are timely and practical. Our client portfolio now stands testimony to it

Our consistent progress comes from effectively applying several years of our Exposure and consultancy experience that help resolve issues, manage portfolios and sustain growth. We work in close partnership with our clients and authorities on compliance and regulatory matters, to quickly arrive at what can get the business ticking once again. In a scenario where the matter requires Legal Attention or Litigation, we associate with one of the best Law firms operating in Dubai Bin Haider Advocates and Legal Consultants, who is a team of highly qualified Lawyers, Attorneys and Researchers

No Business flourish without an apt Branding and Promotion. We understand this and closely associate with a team of highly professional and creative group called LikeMinds Advertising for that extra fizz to your endeavors

Opinions are freely available in any market. However, informed and responsible advice is what we believe in, and strive to deliver

Thank you for visiting us

Anu Mangal

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